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covid precautions

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Covid Precautions

Covid Precautions

Your Safety Is Our First Priority

We understand your need for a safe and worry-free dental care experience during this time, thats why we have taken active measures in-line with recommendations by the WHO, American Dental Association and the FDI to implement strict protocols and processes.

At Dentzz, the creation of a safe environment for all dental procedures rests on four key pillars; infrastructure and processes, stringent sterilization protocols, cutting-edge technology and trained personnel. These pillars ensure that our patients receive the very best dental care possible, even in the current circumstances.

Covid Precautions

Infrastructure And Processes

With careful planning and space management designed to meet the needs of the patient, Dentzz ensures a safe and seamless dental care experience.

  • All our centers are located in buildings that adhere to stringent COVID protocols.
  • A large waiting area allows for the easy maintenance of social distancing.
  • Multiple lounge areas ensure that in case patients need to wait, they may do so inseparate areas.
  • Systematic time management ensures appointments are spaced to avoid orminimize waiting time or overlap.
  • A dedicated area for donning and doffing of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Multiple operatories, spaced apart, allow separate treatment rooms for each patient;mitigating any chance of cross-contamination.
Covid Precautions

Sterilization And Sanitation

Our sterilization and disinfection protocols are based on the guidelines set by the WHO, American Dental Association, FDI and the recent COVID prevention guidelines.

  • A dedicated sterilization room
  • Daily fumigation, surface disinfection and fogging of all dental care centers.
  • Disinfection of the premises around the clinic, ensuring standards of hygiene are maintained.
  • Safe and hygienic disposal of biomedical waste.
  • The use of disposable instruments wherever possible.
  • Separate and dedicated operatory for aerosol-generating procedures to eliminate chances of cross-contamination. Each of these rooms is also equipped with air filtration systems for enhanced safety.
Covid Precautions


Our use of the latest technology reduces the number of visits required for key procedures so that our patients can minimise their need to travel for expert dental care.

  • A CBCT that offers 3D imaging capabilities and full mouth X rays ensures that patientsdo not have to travel to another facility for further investigation.
  • Each center is equipped with CEREC technology, which allows for the creation of dental prosthetics like crowns in a single day, thereby, reducing the number of visits.
Covid Precautions


Every doctor and staff member at Dentzz has received formal training to ensure adherence to the best practices.

  • All our doctors have received WHO certification to manage infection control.
  • Meticulous training and monitoring of all staff to ensure the implementation of the latest protocols and guidelines.



  • Telephonic health check/online assessment before confirmation of your appointment
  • Strict appointment scheduling, with specific time allotment for each patient

Upon Entering The Premises

  • Thermal scanning using a non-contact infrared thermometer
  • Blood oxygen level checked with a pulse oximeter
  • Shoe covers provided
  • Hand sanitization

Before The Appointment


  • PPE (>70GDM) surgical gowns
  • FFP3 respirators for aerosol-generating procedures
  • Triple-layered surgical masks
  • Cling wrapping of all possible surfaces
  • All non-essential equipment removed from operatory


  • 3 meters around the chair (1% sodium hypochlorite)
  • HPV fumigation UV light (40 watts, 250 nm)
  • Pre-procedural mouth rinse
  • Autoclaving
  • Disinfection of impressions
  • Standard disinfection of all instruments


  • Pedestal/exhaust fan (direction of air away from the operator)
  • High power extra oral evacuation
  • HEPA 14 air filters

During The Dental Treatment

  • Only the patient is allowed to enter the operatory
  • Head cap will be provided to each patient before getting into the dental chair
  • Use of rubber dam and high volume saliva ejectors to control aerosol transmission during treatment
  • No movement between operatories during procedures

After The Dental Treatment

  • Post-operative instructions along with a medical prescription will be emailed to patients
  • Digital/electronic payments encouraged to reduce the possibility of contact
  • Disinfection spray before exiting the dental clinic
  • Working areas cleaned and disinfected with the help of UV Blasters

By incorporating and adhering to strict health measures, we have created a safe and secure environment so that you can have a worry free experience. With the necessary precautions in place, our doors are open and we are ready to welcome you.

Dentistry That Makes A Difference

Brett Lee


Been blown away by how professional it is, the cleanliness, everything is sterilized. It's a wonderful centre. It's been a lot of fun to see the quality and the first class way that I have been treated.

Daisy Shah


What I really love about this place is that, they really attend you with very personal care, they customise things for you. Doctor Karishma has given me a beautiful and bright smile. Hats off to dentzz and thank your for giving me a nice bright smile. I would want you all to come visit dentzz and get a perfect smile.

Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan


I have always hated going to the dentist. Dr. Karishma at dentzz was friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and gentle. I went to have my teeth cleaned, an experience I usually dread..i won't say it was pleasurable because that would be a stretch but the clinic was bright and soothing, her manner was warm and caring and my teeth look and feel great! They have state of the art technology, modern equipment and gentle bedside manner. I have already recommended dentzz to five friends and family members and I ve promised to go for my regular check ups!

Dipak Tijori

Dipak Tijori


I was so conscious of my smile earlier, until I got my teeth done with these Magicians - Dr Shantanu and Karishma. I am so much more confident and I smile with ease now.The ambience at Dentzz is very relaxing and soothing, with the soft music playing in the background, its almost like being in a lounge, whilst I am being grilled, with no pain.The result – I am a new laughing Buddha, amongst my family and friends.

Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan


Experienced one of the best Dental care services at Dentzz Dental. The clinic is bestowed with superior technology & prolific experts on board.

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